Central Illinois Lakes Field Trip - Saturday, November 5, 2016

One of the many exciting times for fall birding is around the end of October through much of November.  This is a time when rarity potential is high among migrant waterfowl, loons, grebes, and gulls, to name a few groups.  In flight years, winter finches are also on the move during this time.  IOS is offering a series of simultaneous field trips on Saturday, November 5th in central Illinois where there are several large reservoirs that often attract these rare migrants.  All three scoter species, Pacific and Red-throated Loons, Red-necked and Western Grebes, Black-legged Kittiwake, Little Gull, and jaegers are among the long list of unusual species that could be encountered on this trip.

The goal for this trip is to gather together in small groups to cover the large lakes of central Illinois in hopes that we come across something exciting.  To cover as much ground as possible and to ensure small, mobile group sizes, we are offering three different options:

  • Clinton Lake  (Leader – Matt Fraker)
  • Lake Shelbyville  (Leader – Tyler Funk)
  • Lake Springfield  (Leader – Colin Dobson)

Sign up information:
You may sign up for these field trips in one of three ways. Reply to this email, send me (Tyler Funk) an email, or by calling me directly at 217-649-7885. At that time you may specify which reservoir trip you would like to attend. As with all of IOS field trips, attendance for IOS members is free and non-members the cost is $25 which includes a membership in the IOS. I hope to hear from you all soon!

Clinton Lake: Matt Fracker will be meeting his group at the new Casey’s in Farmer City, IL (exit off I-74) at 9am. The Casey’s is located on Hwy 54 just south of Rt. 150.

Lake Shelbyville: Tyler Funk will meet at the McDonald’s parking lot in Sullivan, IL. at 8am.

Lake Springfield: I will forward details concerning Lake Springfield when they are available.

If there happens to be a few IOS members considering birding in the Chatauqua area on this weekend, I am hoping they might join forces and keep the other field trip groups posted on their sightings. I am not necessarily looking for a formal field trip leader. It would just be nice to have the area surveyed along with these other reservoirs.

If you have any further questions concerning this trip or would like to help coordinate a group for the Chatauqua area feel free to contact me.

Tyler D Funk, ILYB Field Trip Chair

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Merlin confirmed nesting in Illinois for the first time!

An underweight nestling picked up in Cook County confirms Illinois’ first breeding record of Merlin. To find out more, read this article by IOS Member, Josh Engel, at the Field Museum’s Blog.


Merlin by Matthew Cvetas

Rare Bird Alert – 6-Jul-2016

RUFF: Fulton County (Central) – A Ruff was found on 5-Jul-2016 by Kevin Richmond at Emiquon National Wildlife Refuge, South Globe in Waterford Township. It was originally viewed from a parking lot off County Rd. 9.


Rare Bird Alert – 28-Apr-2016

TOWNSEND’S WARBLER: Cook County (North) – A Townsend’s Warbler was found on 28-Apr-2016 by Matthew Cvetas at Millennium Park in Chicago. The warbler has been seen most of the day along the promenade that cuts north-south through the park between Pritzker Pavilion and Cloud Gate. A map of the area can be found at the

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Rare Bird Alert – 14-Apr-2016

TOWNSEND’S SOLITAIRE: Kendall County (North) – A Townsend’s Solitaire was first photographed at the Cedar Ridge Youth Campground area of Silver Springs State Park in Yorkville, Kendall County, on 9-Apr-2016 by Ryan Jones and has been reported every day since. You can find a map of the location at the link.


Visit the 2015 Listers Corner

The 2015 Listers Corner is now ready for viewing in the Publications section of our Web site! Special thanks to committee members, Joe Lill, Jim Mountjoy and Mike Madsen, for all their help and their willingness to discuss the smallest detail; to Greg Neise, IOS Webmaster, who updated the site, and to all the birders,

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IOS 2016 Awards

The Illinois Ornithological Society (IOS) is very pleased to announce the presentation of the following 2016 awards recognizing individuals for their distinguished service and contributions to IOS and/or Illinois Birding:


Sue Friscia was presented with a cardinal carving for her many years administering the Illinois Birders Exchanging Thoughts (IBET) listserv.

Bob Fisher was presented

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Rare Bird Alert – 5-Feb-2016

GYRFALCON: McClean County (Central) – A Gyrfalcon was photographed near Colfax, McClean County, yesterday by Mabel Lux! It was found south of E 2450 North Rd on N 3200 East Rd. You can find a map of the location at the link.


WE Need Your Help to Fund the 2016 Grant Requests!!

The Grant requests are coming in!

Grant awards will be announced April 15th. Some funds have already been received but more contributions are needed so more of the grants can be funded. Any organization or individual may fund all or part of a Grant. Donations can be for any amount. Donors/sponsors will be

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Rare Bird Alert - 3-Feb-2016


Slaty-backed Gull by Josh Engel


SLATY-BACKED GULL: Will County (North) – Discovered by Andrew Aldrich on 26-Jan-2016, a Slaty-backed Gull is still present on the property of ASIP: Local 150 at 19800 W. Arsenal Rd. Birders have had success viewing the gull in the morning prior to 9am resting on the frozen

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