2016 IOS Grants Awards

Andy Gilbert, Grant Recipient

Andy Gilbert, Grant Recipient

One of IOS’s objectives is “To promote scientific research and education in order to improve knowledge and awareness of birds in Illinois”. The IOS Grants Program was initiated several years ago to support this objective with funding.

The 2016 IOS Grants Program received 13 requests for funding. The IOS review team evaluated each proposal, and determined that all were suitable for funding within the scope of that key objective described above. In addition to money provided directly by IOS, donations by five organizations and many individuals (see the alphabetical lists below) made it possible for all of the 2016 grant requests to be fully funded. Funding 13 Grants is a milestone – the largest investment in research on Illinois birds IOS has been able to provide, since the inception of the Grants program!

  • Jill Anderson
  • John Baker
  • Denis Bohm
  • Donnie Dann
  • Pen & Carl Daubach
  • Joy & Jon Duerr
  • Karen & Bob Fisher
  • Steve Fluett
  • Glenn Gabanski
  • Jon Grainger
  • Warren Jones
  • Vera Miller
  • Joan Norek
  • Vicky Sroczynski & John Burke
  • Marsha Steffen
  • Dave Taliaferro
  • Chuck Westcott
  • Ted Wolff
  • Chicago Ornithological Society
  • DuPage Birding Club
  • Kane County Audubon
  • Lake-Cook Audubon
  • Lake County Audubon

Thanks to you all! Without the generosity of these organizations and IOS members and friends in the bird conservation community, IOS would not be able to support these projects. The support exemplified by this funding sends an important message to these students and researchers: We believe in your work, and we care about the future of our state’s birdlife!

Thanks to Jeff Walk and Steve Bailey for reviewing and rating all the requests.

Congratulations to the Grant recipients! Watch for their project articles in future issues of The Meadowlark and watch for short summaries on the IOS website. Here’s a synopsis of the 2016 Grants. Where noted, individuals and organizations targeted those Grants for their donations.

Grant Recipient, Heather Herakovich, by Dee Hudson

Grant recipient, Heather Herakovich, by Dee Hudson

# Amount Name/Organization Description/Sponsor
1. $1,000 Abigail Blake-Bradshaw
U of I Urbana, Illinois Natural History Survey, and Forbes Biological Station
Wetland quality for waterbirds in Illinois.
Sponsored by DuPage Birding Club.
2. $1,000 Olivia Choy
Northeastern Illinois University
Migration and parasite communities in avian hosts.
Sponsored by IOS ($750) and COS ($250).
3. $1,000 Brett Dorak
U of I Urbana and Illinois Natural History Survey
Ecology of wintering Canada Geese in the Chicago metro area. Sponsored by IOS ($500) and individual donors ($500).
4. $1,000 Elizabeth Errickson
U of I Springfield
Winter movements and habitat use of Short-eared Owls in an agriculture-dominated landscape.
Sponsored by individual donors.
5. $1,000 Andrew Gilbert
Western Illinois University
Detection and disturbance rates of waterbirds during aerial surveys.
Sponsored by IOS.
6. $1,000 Jesse Hacker
DePaul University
Effects of urbanization on neophobic behavior and problem solving performance in American Crows.
Sponsored by IOS ($750) and COS ($250).
7. $1,000 Heather Herakovich
Northern Illinois University
The effects of bison reintroduction, prescribed fire, and time since restoration on grassland birds in tallgrass prairie.
Sponsored by DuPage Birding Club.
8. $1,267 Taylor Joray
Illinois State University
Summer origins of American Kestrels wintering in Illinois.
Sponsored by Lake-Cook Audubon.
9. $1,000 Jaime L. Lange
U of I – Springfield
Spatial and temporal interactions between Brown-headed Cowbirds and bison at Nachusa Grasslands.
Sponsored by IOS ($850) and Lake County Audubon ($150).
10. $1,000 Aderinsola Odetunde
Illinois State University
Effects of blood loss and mite infestation on nestling developmental trade-offs and parental provisioning.
Sponsored by IOS.
11. $1,000 Ben O’Neal and Heath Hagy
Franklin College and Illinois Natural History Survey
Breeding ecology of waterbirds at Emiquon Preserve.
Sponsored by Lake-Cook Audubon.
12. $1,000 Emilie A. Ospina
U of I – Urbana
The role of incubation behavior in shaping developmental physiology in a wild passerine.
Sponsored by IOS ($500) and individual donors ($500).
13. $1,000 Cassandra Wilcoxen
U of I – Urbana
Cover crops in an agricultural landscape: Beneficial to birds during spring migration?
Sponsored by IOS.
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