Rare Bird Alert - 21-Mar-2017

Golden-crowned Sparrow: Woodford (Central) – Andy Sigler and Craig Taylor report a 1st year Golden-crowned Sparrow on a gravel road that runs along the northern boundary of Letcher Basin, a ParkLands Foundation property, in Woodford County today.

Park at the end of the road overlooking a large burnt field (junction of CR 400N and CR 1975E in Secor) and go west (towards Barn Owl box) along the edge of the field. Stop 100 feet short of the Barn Owl box. It was found in shrubby vegetation and cedars along this path with White-throated Sparrows and Dark-eyed Juncos.

Rare Bird Alert – 26-Feb-2017

Neotropic Cormorant: Fulton (Central) – Corey Lange reported a NEOTROPIC CORMORANT at Thompson Lake in Fulton County on February 26th.

California Gull: Lake (North) – Adam Sell observed a first-cycle CALIFORNIA GULL at Channel Lake in Lake County on February 23rd.

Mew Gull: DuPage (North) – Mike Madsen reported a 2nd cycle MEW GULL from the 83rd St. Fluddle at Greene Valley Forest Preserve in DuPage County on February 18th.

Rare Bird Alert - 13-Feb-2017

Gyrfalcon by Tim Lindenbaum

Gyrfalcon by Tim Lindenbaum

Gyrfalcon: McLean (Central) – On the morning of February 13th, a Gyrfalcon was photographed by Tim Lindenbaum on N 3100 East Rd south of E 2450 North Rd. in Colfax, McLean County. Interestingly, a Gyrfalcon was observed and photographed in the same area last year.

California Gull: Cook (North) – A continuing second cycle California Gull was observed February 12th on the Calumet River near Deadstick Pond in Chicago, Cook County by Amar Ayyash and several observers.

Rare Bird Alert – 4-Feb-2017

California Gull by Andrew Aldrich

California Gull by Andrew Aldrich

California Gull: Cook (North) – On February 4th, a second cycle California Gull was photographed by Andrew Aldrich at Deadstick Pond in Chicago, Cook County.

Rare Bird Alert – 21-Jan-2017

Prairie Falcon: Sangamon (Central) – On January 21st, a Prairie Falcon was observed Colin Dobson at Nipper Wildlife Sanctuary near Laomi in Sangamon County.

California Gull by Colin Dobson

California Gull by Colin Dobson

California Gull: Peoria (Central) – On January 15, a first cycle California Gull was photographed by Colin Dobson at RiverPlex along Peoria Lake in Peoria County.

Rare Bird Alert – 1-Jan-2017

Harlequin Duck: Will (North) – On January 1st, Doug Stotz reports an adult male Harlequin Duck on the DuPage River in Channahon.

Mew Gull: Will (North) – Doug Stotz reports a first cycle Mew Gull at Rock Run Rookery.

Bohemian Waxwing by Emil August

Bohemian Waxwing by Emil August

Bohemian Waxwing: Lake (North) – Eric Lundquist reports a Bohemian Waxwing at Shaw Woods in Lake Forest, Lake County.

Shaw Woods is part of the Lake Forest Open Lands Association. The property is just south of Oriole Grove Forest Preserve and can be accessed off W. Laurel Ave. The approximate location is marked with an X on the map.

Shaw Woods

Shaw Woods

Prairie Falcon: Wayne (South) – For the second winter in a row, Bob Shelby has located a wintering Prarie Falcon in the Mt. Erie, Wayne County. One or two falcons have been seen as late as December 28, 2016.

Rare Bird Alert - 11-Dec-2016

Mountain Bluebird by Ethan Brown

Mountain Bluebird by Ethan Brown

Mountain Bluebird: Carroll (North) – Young birder, Ethan Brown, and his mom, Cindy, photographed a Mountain Bluebird along Spring Lake Rd, by the Tri-Township Airport south of Savanna, IL in Carroll County on 9-Dec-2016.

Brant (unconfirmed): Henderson (North) – Reported from the Iowa Birding Mailing List. A seasoned duck hunter reported seeing a lone Brant in a flock of mixed geese near Lake Stevenson on Highway 34 in Henderson County on 5-Dec-2016.

Rare Bird Alert – 27-Nov-2016

Rufous Hummingbird: Saline County (South) – On 27-Nov-2016, Cathy DeNeal has a hatch year female Rufous Hummingbird coming to her feeder in Harrisburg, Saline County.

Mottled Duck (unconfirmed): Mason County (Central) – On 25-Nov-2016, Mike Ingram reports a Mottled Duck in the extreme south corner of the upper pool at Chautauqua NWR near Eagle Bluff.

Townsend’s Solitaire: Winnebago (North) – On 25-Nov-2016, Ray Fini found a Townsend’s Solitaire at Rock Cut State Park near the first parking lot off IL-173 on the north side of the prairie.

Townsend's Solitaire by Barbara Williams

Townsend’s Solitaire by Barbara Williams

Rare Bird Alert - 20-Nov-2016

California Gull: Peoria County (North) – Matthew Winks and Mike Ingram found a second cycle California Gull on the Peoria riverfront at the Riverplex on 20-Nov-2016.

California Gull by Matthew Winks

California Gull by Matthew Winks

Townsend’s Solitaire: Jo Daviess County (North) – On 20-Nov-2016, John Jankowski photographed a Townsend’s Solitaire on private property in Stockton, Jo Daviess County.

Ferruginous Hawk (unconfirmed): Lake County (North) – Paul Sweet reports seeing a Ferruginous Hawk at the Illinois Beach State Park Hawk Watch on 20-Nov-2016 in Zion, Lake. If accepted, this would be a state 7th record.

Cave Swallow (unconfirmed): Lake County (North) – On 19-Nov-2016, Steve Huggins and Carl Giometti observed a possible Cave Swallow at Waukegan. If accepted, this would be a 9th state record.

Rare Bird Alert - 9-Nov-2016

White-winged Dove: Cook County (North) – Luis Muñoz reports White-winged Dove at Montrose by the beach house in Chicago, Cook on 10-Nov-2016.

White-winged Dove

White-winged Dove by Luis Munoz

Say’s Phoebe: Carroll County (North) – Illinois Young Birder, Ethan Brown, and his mom, Cindy, photographed a SAY’S PHOEBE on Scenic Bluff Rd outside of Savanna, Carroll County on 9-Nov-2016.

Say's Phoebe

Say’s Phoebe by Cindy Brown

Brant: Cook County (North) – Steve Huggins reports a BRANT on Northerly Island in Chicago on 8-Nov-2016.


Brant by Matthew Cvetas