Homage to a Reluctant Mentor

Jennifer Hoffman, Mixed Media Artist and Designer, shares her poem, Homage to a Reluctant Mentor.

He was:

The mist and the fog on North Pond, while herons stood motionless at the waters edge.
The wing beats from the flocks of geese and ducks arriving over the platform.
The birdsong of warblers in the trees that were yet to be known by name.
The vibrant yellow of the Prothonotary Warbler perched by the lily pool.
The electric sunrise over Montrose, as a short-eared owl glided over the meadow.
The calm wind on the lake coming from the West on Fishhook Pier.
The unrelenting crashing of waves at Foster Beach while counting American Pipits (16).
The Sycamore Trees that protected Eastern Kingbirds fledglings and their nest.
The details in thousands of Cormorants and Red-breasted Mergansers migrating along Lake Michigan’s blue horizon.
The terns, gulls and Parasitic Jaeger drawn to the wake of a pelagic vessel.
The “magic ears” that knew the tiny specks flying high above at Loyola were Lapland Longspurs.
The long awaited Snow Goose sighting – finding the diamond in the rough of waterfowl at Lake Renwick.
The anticipated broadcast of the Trumpeter Swan at Widewaters.
The patient sunset awaiting the Sandhill Crane’s evening return to Jasper-Pulaski;
The feathers and the dance of something so ancient, yet so familiar.
Constellations in the night, waiting for the return call of the owls.
The reflection of trees on the glassy waters of the Kankakee lit by moonlight,
searching for nocturnal silhouettes: Barred, Eastern Screech and Great Horned.
So many birds that were never seen before, only to be seen and heard because of him.

Thank you.

by Jennifer Hoffman

Poem Images by Jennifer Hoffman

Poem Images by Jennifer Hoffman

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