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1) This form submitted as supporting documentation of (check all that apply):*
If other, please describe:
2) Species:*
3) Number of birds:*
4) Age/Sex/Plumage:*
5) Date:*
6) Location (include county):*
7) Observers:*
8) Your name: *
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11) Others agreeing with the identification:
12) Observers NOT agreeing with the identification:
13) Description of bird (size, shape, proportions, details of both color and pattern on head, back, chin, throat, breast, flanks, wings, undertail, and tail, etc.; coloration of soft parts: bill, legs, and feet) include only details actually seen in the field :*
14) Description of behavior:*
15) Description of vocalizations:*
16) Description of immediate and surrounding habitat(s):*
17) Optical equipment used for observation (type, power):*
18) Distance/how measured?*
19) Time of observation:*
20) Total time of observation:*
21) Weather conditions:*
22) Previous experience with this species and similar species:*
23) Please eliminate other similar species and/or hybrids:*
24) Were photos obtained?*
25) If so, by whom?*
26) Books and illustrations consulted and advice received. How did these influence this description?:*
27) How long after the observation were field notes recorded?*
28) How long after the observation was this form completed?*
29) Additional remarks (URLs can be entered here):
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