Smith's Longspur Field Trip Report

I had the pleasure of leading an Illinois Ornithological Society field trip for Smith’s Longspurs in McLean County this morning (April 8, 2017). We did manage a flock of seven and another flock of 28 birds — even in flight good enough looks for multiple lifers in the group — always a great feeling.


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Loonapaloonza 2017 Field Trip Report

Twenty-one observers gathered at the Gale Street Restaurant parking lot at 8am on April 1st to have coffee, muffins, and bagels before setting off to explore several of the nearly 200 lakes in Lake and McHenry Counties in search of loons and other waterbirds.

Field Trip Participants

Several close-in observations of Common Loons

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Homage to a Reluctant Mentor

Jennifer Hoffman, Mixed Media Artist and Designer, shares her poem, Homage to a Reluctant Mentor.

He was:

The mist and the fog on North Pond, while herons stood motionless at the waters edge. The wing beats from the flocks of geese and ducks arriving over the platform. The birdsong of warblers in the

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2016 Listers Corner

The 2016 Listers Corner is now up and available for viewing! From Yard Lists to Big Days, there’s something for every birder.

Highlights, you ask? Here are a few to whet your appetite:

First, the 400 Club has expanded from one birder to three, as both David Johnson and Joel Greenberg attained the

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Rare Bird Alert - 29-Mar-2017

Neotropic Cormorant: Livingston (Central) – Demetri Lafkas photographed a Neotropic Cormorant at the ponds just north of Pontiac, Livingston County on March 29th.

White-winged Dove: Adams (Central) – Phil and Pat Reyburn had a White-winged Dove visit their feeders in Quincy, Adams County on March 28th.

Black-headed Gull: Sangamon (Central) – H. David

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Wintering Raptors of Central Illinois

General Reflections Based on Surveys in McLean and Woodford Counties

In the fall of 2007, Matthew Winks and I created an approximately 50 mile winter raptor survey route that begins an ends at the Fraker Farm abode. This route heads east south of the Mackinaw River past Evergreen Lake to Lake Bloomington where it crosses

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IORC Update - 10 March 2017

This update reports the 2017 membership of the Illinois Ornithological Records Committee (IORC), recent changes to the IORC Review List, and IORC’s decision regarding Illinois’s one record of Green Violetear in light of the taxonomic split of that species into Mexican Violetear and Lesser Violetear.

2017 Membership

For 2017, IORC welcomes Walter Marcisz as a

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Birding Evergreen Lake by Benjamin Murphy

Evergreen Lake, which is located in both McLean and Woodford Counties and the surrounding Comlara Park, is arguably the overall best location to find birds in McLean County, IL, boasting over 245 reported species, including such rarities as the only recorded Yellow-billed Loon in Illinois found in December 1998.

To read the full account,

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Memorial to Wes Serafin by Al Stokie

Wes Serafin by Sue Friscia

Hello Bird People,

I have been running into Wes Serafin since the late 1980’s and his presence always made the birding day more fun. Wes and I along with Sue Friscia, Geoff and Chris Williamson, and University of Chicago grad students, Dave Mandell and John O’Brien (and others), all

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Memorial to Joan Norek by Al Stokie

Joan Norek

Hello Bird People,

A Requiem in the Middle Ages and Renaissance was a musical service, as in a Requiem Mass, in honor of someone who had died. Well no music here but just some words to accomplish the same thing, to honor Joan.

In spite of being the person who has passed

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