RBNU color drawing_JasonMullins Drawing above of Red-breasted Nuthatch by Jason Mullins. Each issue has original color art on the cover, making the hard copies true collector items. Many thanks to our illustrators over the years, whose fine art sets Meadowlark above other similar publications.

Meadowlark, A Journal of Illinois Birds is the quarterly magazine of the Illinois Ornithological Society. The journal includes field notes, seasonal highlights, technical papers on avian studies in the Illinois and Midwestern area, photos, original drawings, and joy-of-birding essays.  IOS members receive four issues of the Meadowlark with their annual subscription. For information on submitting articles, illustrations, and photographs contact the chief editor, Sheryl DeVore. For a complete table of contents of all past issues, see below.

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Meadowlark Archives

The following is a list of articles published in  Meadowlark over the past 24 years. The latest issue is at the bottom of this list.

Volume 1

#1Premiere issue The Des Plaines River Wetlands Demonstration Project; A bird finding guide to shorebirds in southern Illinois.
#2 – Where, when, and how to watch hawks.
#3 – Snowy Owl invasion; The rare wintering Ivory Gull.
#4 – Spring Bird Count; bird rehabilitation.

Volume 2

#1 – Grassland bird population changes in Illinois and neotropical migrants studies.
#2 – The status of Chicago’s Peregrine Release and Restoration Project.
#3 – The status of Bald Eagles in Illinois.
#4 – The Greater Prairie-Chicken in Illinois; The first confirmed state record of the Painted Bunting.

Volume 3

#1 – The changing role of bird banding in Illinois and the nation.
#2 – Rufous Hummingbird records and gull identification.
#3 – Christmas Bird Counts, how useful are they?
#4 – How many birds die due to skyscrapers and other urban death traps?

Volume 4

#1 – The relationship between songbird breeding success and small mammal abundance, and an exciting new breeding bird hotspot.
#2 – Illinois’ endangered and threatened birds.
#3 – A Christmas Bird Count compiler goes on nine CBC’s in less than two weeks.
#4 – The biology and ecology of heronries.

Volume 5

#1 – The status of the House Finch in Illinois and how its presence affects the House Sparrow.
#2 – Chicago Lakefront Birding.
#3 – The role of habitat in the breeding and migratory success of wetland birds, plus a look at a rare ephemeral wetland in central Illinois.
#4 – The average arrival dates of all your favorite migrants in eastern Illinois and three other Midwestern sites.

Volume 6

#1 – Our fifth anniversary issue helps you update your field guides and life lists to reflect the current changes in species designations in North American birds.
#2 – Details on birds parasitized by the Brown-headed Cowbird.
#3 – Christmas Bird Count and Band-tailed Pigeon records.
#4 – Illinois Spring Bird Count results are featured plus an article on the state’s first Gull-billed Tern (Sterna nilotica).

Volume 7

#1 – Sabine’s Gull in the Middlewestern Prairie Region
#2 – Are Breeding Herons and Egrets Deserting the Central Illinois River Floodplain?
#3 – Featured article on Eastern Bird Populations in Dupage County and the 1997 Christmas Bird Count.
#4 – The 1998 Spring Bird Count results and the first of the series on Avian Studies in Illinois.

Volume 8

#1 – A series of featured articles on various species of interest breeding in Illinois including: Monk Parakeet, Osprey, Mississippi Kite, Bewick’s Wren, Purple Gallinule, and Common Terns.
#2 – A series of featured articles on the first Illinois Records of the Black Skimmer, Allen’s Hummingbird, and White-winged Dove.
#3 – Potential effects of increased predation risk on nestling House Wren quality and survival.
#4 – A series of articles on state records for the following species: Gray Kingbird, Tropical/Couch’s Kingbird, Garganey, Painted Bunting.

Volume 9

#1 – An excellent series of sight and nesting records for a variety of species including such species as Black-necked Stilt and Western Kingbird.
#2 – A look at the historical and rare birding in the state.
#3 – Explore some Illinois “firsts” and the widespread invasion of Northern Shrikes.
#4 – Highlights include the 2000 spring bird count and migrations records.

Volume 10

#1 – For the first time in history, the Painted Bunting has become a confirmed breeder in Illinois.
#2 – Dr. Steven Havera looks at the effects of land practices on waterfowl in Illinois, and the federally endangered Red-cockaded Woodpecker visits Illinois Beach State Park.
#3 – Learn about Illinois’ first confirmed records of Long-tailed Jaeger, and the interesting behaviors this bird exhibited for many observers.
#4 – This issue features the 2001 spring bird count as well as the status of jaegers in Illinois.

Volume 11

#1 – Our tenth anniversary issue features articles on Illinois’ first reported Scissor-tailed Flycatcher nest as well as an Arctic Tern attempt at breeding with a Common Tern and the first documented record of nesting Ring-billed Gulls on a rooftop in Illinois.
#2 – White-throated Sparrows have been documented for the first time as nesting in Illinois. Plus, read about the new hawk watch at Illinois Beach State Park.
#3 – Illinois volunteers work to save habitat and document avian population trends, an American Robin nests in Chicago in December, and the Illinois 2001 Christmas Bird Counts.
#4 – Report on Chicagoland’s first spring migration bird banding station, the population decline of the Red-headed Wodpecker in Wisconsin and Illinois, and a pair of Cinnamon Teal in Clinton County.

Volume 12

#1 – Whooping Cranes over Illinois, the status of the Common Tern in Illinois, and introducing children to birding.
#2  – An estimate of shorebird numbers in Illinois, the status of the Whimbrel in the Middlewestern prairie region, and the status of the Piping Plover on the Great Lakes. Also, a guide to birding sod fields.
#3 – Winter bird population changes during a 38-year period in an urbanizing region, Illinois’ first Hermit Warbler, the 2002/2003 Illinois Christmas Bird Count, and a bird finding guide to the Paul Douglas Forest Preserve.
 #4 – The effect of temperature and food choice of birds at feeders in northeastern Illinois, Burrowing Owl in Chaimpaign County, and the 2003 Illinois Spring Bird Count.

Volume 13

#1 – The potential impact of climate change on the summer distribution of Illinois’ nongame birds, first Illinois record of Roseate Spoonbill, Eurasian Collared-Doves in a River Forest backyard, and nesting Lark Sparrows in DuPage County.
#2 – This issue features the status of wintering Bald Eagles in central Illinois, a wonderful photo gallery of shorebirds and an account of the
first Illinois and second inland North American record of Black-tailed Gull.
#3 – Features Extreme birding by Kelly McKay, the 20023/2004 Christmas Bird Count and photos from the Gull Frolic and the Rough-legged Hawk invasion.
#4 – Mottled Duck at Lake Springfield, first state record by H. Davd Bohlen, plus an article about Audubon’s Washington Eagle — did it really exist —
written by Scott Maruna.

Volume 14

#1 – Features Monk Parakeets in Illinois – their history, the present and the future, written by Walter Marcisz and stories about interesting nesting
occurrences in the state last summer.
#2 – Nesting Swainson’s Hawks in Illinois, observations of a Hairy Woodpecker pair in a River Forest backyard, and a variety of rarities from around the state.
#3 – The Illinois prairie-chicken recovery plan, hawkwatching at Illinois Beach State Park, the Kane County Lark Bunting, and the 2004/2005 Christmas Bird Count. Corrected charts for the article on hawkwatching at Illinois Beach State Park can be found here.
#4 – Illinois’ important bird areas, Illinois’ first Fork-tailed Flycatcher, and the statewide Spring Bird Count.

Volume 15

#1 – Arrival dates and recapture patterns of spring migrant songbirds in northeasten Illinois, Bald Eagles attempting to nest in Kane County, and Field Notes for the 2005 breeding season.
#2 – First state record of Inca Dove, a Sooty Tern specimen from Illinois, Lost Mound Unit of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge, and the twelth report of the Illinois Ornithological Records Committee.
#3 – The love song of Catharus guttatus, a juvenile Hermit Thrush in Chicago, the 1978 Chicago Ross’s Gull, a photo essay of Bald Eagles in winter, the 2005/2006 Illinois Christmas Bird Count, and Field Notes for the 2005/2006 winter season.
#4 – A second state record of MacGillivray’s Warbler in Kane County, a Yellow-throated Warbler at a Vermilion County feeder, reflections on backyard birding throughout Illinois, and the 2006 Illinois spring bird count.

Volume 16

#1 – Trumpeter Swans in Illinois, observations of nesting Red-headed Woodpeckers in Cook County, reflections on backyard birding throughout Illinois, and the 2006 breeding season.
#2 – Late Chimney Swifts, Swainson’s Hawks at the Illinois Beach State Park Hawkwatch, In Memorium, the Thirteenth report of the Illinois Ornithological Records Committee, and more.
#3 – A Barnacle Goose in LaSalle County, little-known birding spots in Jackson County, Black-headed Gull at Montrose, the 2006/2007 Christmas bird count, and Field Notes for the 2006/2007 winter season.
#4 – Census methods to better understand the nightly passage of songbird migrants through the Chicago region during May, a Summer Tanager visits a jelly feeder in DuPage County, the 2007 Illinois Statewide Spring Bird count, and Field Notes for the 2007 spring migration season.

Volume 17

#1 – On the hunt for Sprague’s Pipit, IOS research grants, reflections on backyard birding throughout Illinois, and the 2007 breeding season field notes.
#2 – The Plover Project, the Fourteenth Report of the Illinois Ornithological Records Committee, reflections on backyard birding throughout Illinois, and Field Notes for the 2007 fall migration.
#3 – Carlyle Lake gulls, a potential “Kamchatka” Mew Gull, sea ducks in central Illinois, the 2007/2008 Illinois Christmas Bird Count, 2007/2008 winter field notes, and more.
#4 – Illinois breeding bird population trends, a bird finding guide to Boone County, the 2008 Illinois Spring Bird Count, and Field Notes for the 2008 spring migration season.

Volume 18

#1 – Birdnotes from a bygone era, Mississippi Kites nesting in Rockford, and field notes for the 2008 breeding season.
#2 – IOS research grant awards, changes to the list of threatened and endangered Illinois birds, Yellow-breasted Chat study, backyard birding throughout Illinois, and the 2008 fall migration field notes.
#3 – Winter gull identification challenges, the fifteenth report of the Illinois Ornithological Records Committee, the 2008/2009 CBC season, remembering Laurence Binford and L. Barrie Hunt, and field notes for the 2008/2009 winter season.
#4 – Sandhill Crane colt survival in northeastern Illinois, aggressive interaction between a Sora and Virginia Rail during spring migration, the 2009 Illinois Statewide Spring Bird Count, and field notes for the 2009 spring migration.

Volume 19

#1 – Potential nesting Swainson’s Warbler in southern Illinois; First documented nesting record for Anhinga in Illinois; Northern Rough-winged Swallow builds nest in air-conditioning ducts, and more.
#2 – Effects of linear, woody vegetation removal of grassland birds at Bartle Grasslands; IOS awards six research grants; and more
#3 – Golden Eagle attacks white tailed deer at Nachusa Grasslands: Rat predation by a Black-crowned Night-Heron; and more
#4 – Chickamouse: Probable hybridization between Tufted Titmouse and Black-capped Chickadee in DeWitt County; Brown Creeper’s migratory route fidelity and urban fatality; the 2010 Illinois Statewide Spring Bird Count; Field Notes: Spring migration 2010

Volume 20

#1 – Status of the Barn Owl in Illinois; Social behavior in Red-headed Woodpeckers; Field Notes: The 2010 Breeding Season
#2 – Impacts of habitat restoration on songbirds in Chicago area forest preserves: Preliminary results from the 2010 breeding season; Red-eyed Vireo’s migratory route fidelity in an urban environment; The 2010/2011 Illinois Christmas Bird Count; Field Notes: The 2010 fall migration
#3 – Anna’s Hummingbird: Illinois’ first record; Inbreeding of Illinois Peregrine Falcons; IOS awards seven research grants; The 2011 Illinois Spring Bird Count Report; Field Notes: The 2010/2011 winter season
#4  – Illinois Ornithological Society celebrates 20 years; an avian census of Lowell Park

Volume 21

#1 -The Bobolinking Project: Experiments in Field Ornithology, Bohm Woods and the SIUE Nature Preserve: Valuable conservation assets for southwestern Illinois; Birding the Jane Addams Trail in Northwestern Illinois; Photo Essays: Peregrine Falcons nest at St. Michael Church; Sandhill Cranes attempt nesting in central Illinois; Field Notes: The 2011 breeding season
#2 -Does body condition explain patterns of songbird density in response to urbanization; Seventeenth report of the Illinois Ornithological Records Committee; Field Notes: The 2001 fall migration;Photo Gallery: Fall Birds of Illinois
#3 – A sampling of Snowy Owl pellet contents’ Illinois’ record irruption of Snowy Owls during the winter of 2011/2012 with notes on historical distribution; Gallery: A Snowy Owl extravaganza; The 20122/2012 Christmas Bird Count; Field Notes: Witner season 2011/2012
 #4  – Elaeniamania; Illinois’ first winter record of the Black-throated Blue Warbler at sapsucker wells with notes on other Midwest and Mid-Canada records;Photo Gallery: Spring Birds;The 2012 Illinois Statewide Spring Bird Count; Field Notes: The 2012 spring migration

Volume 22

#1 – An integrative approach in testing density effects in a migratory songbird; The Prothonotary Warbler; Photo Gallery: Summer Color and Nesting Behavior; Field Notes: The 2012 breeding season
#2 – The 2012 Illinois and Mississippi River Fall waterbird and wetland habitat report; First Illinois record: The Wandering Tattler; Eighteenth report of the Illinois Ornithological Records Committee; Photo Gallery: Fall Migration; Field Notes: The 2012 fall migration
# 3 – How to have a GR-EIGHT owling day (and night) by Jeff Smith; In Memoriam: Illinois birding community mourns the loss of three influential birders; 2013 IOS grants program sets records; The 2012/2013 Christmas Bird Count  by Paul Sweet; Photo Gallery: Winter Beauties; Field Notes: The 2012/2013 Winter Season  by Kelly McKay and Steven D. Bailey
# 4 – Mute Swans: Potential impacts to wetlands and waterfowl in Illinois by Mike Eicholz; An invasion of Chipping Sparrows in spring by David B. Johnson; A Book Review: “Silent Spring Revisited” by Conor Mark Jameson by Stacia Novy; The 2013 Illinois Statewide Spring Bird Count; Field Notes: The 2013 spring migration

Volume 23

#1 -Lead  shot ingestion rate and effects in Mourning Doves by Stephanice C. Plautz, Richard S. Halbook and Donald W. Sparling; In Memoriam: Jack Pomatto and Muriel Smith; Field Notes: The 2013 Breeding Season by Steven D. Bailey; Photo Gallery: Illinois Breeding Birds & Young

#2 –  Characteristics of recently used or reused Red-headed Woodpecker cavity nests in Cook County, IL by Elsa C. Anderson and Jalene M. L Montagne; Museum sleuthing reveals the first Western Flycatcher for Illinois by Joshua I. Engle and Dave Willard; Illinois’ Second Gray Kingbird by Bob Shelby and Leroy Harrison; Nineteenth Report of the Illinois Ornithological Records Committee by Paul Sweet and Geoffrey Williamson; The 2013 Fall Migration Season by David B. Johnson

#3 – An unusual winter roosting shelter constructed by a Carolina Wren in central Illinios with commentary on winter survival on the edge by Lauren E. Brown and Evan S. Brown; Wintering first-cycle California Gull moves between two southern Illinois reservoirs by Dan Kassebaum; IOS supports birding lessons at Camp Casper by Christie Trifone Simon; The 2013/2014 Christmas Bird Count by Paul Sweet; Photo Galleries: Winter Gulls and Another Snowy Owl Invasion; Field Notes; The 2013/2014 Winter Season by Michael Hogg and David B. Johnson

#4 – Occupancy and turnover dynamics of grassland birds on private lands of Illinois as affected by habitat and field management by Justin  J. Shew, Clayton K. Nielsen and Donald W. Sparling; The 2014 Illinois Spring Bird Count Report by Michael P. Ward and Tara Beveroth; Field Notes:  The 2014 Spring Migration by Geoffrey A. Williamson; Photo Gallery: Spring Colors

Volume 24

#1 -Curve-billed Thrasher visits Montrose: Illinois’ second record by  Luis Munoz; The value of urban grasslands for grassland birds in Northeast Illinois by Valerie L. Buxton and Thomas J. Benson; Breeding Season 2014 Field Notes  by Steven D. Bailey; Photo Galleries Avian Colors of Summer Evidence of Illinois Breeders

#2 –  Video cameras reveal diverse nest predator communities within Illinois’ shrublands by Scott J. Chiavacci, Thomas J. Benson and Michael P. Ward;  The Diet of Chicago’s Celebrity South Loop Owls by Nandu Dubey and Josh Engel; the Twentieth Report of the Illinois Ornithological Records Committee by Paul W. Sweet and Geoffrey A. Williamson; The 2014 Fall Migration Season by David B. Johnson

#3 – The diet of Chicago’s celebrity south loop owls by Nandu Dubey and Joshua I. Engel; White Diamond in Quincy: states’ first well-documented adult Ivory Gull by Jason Mullins: Examining the role of migratory songbirds in the spread of Lyme disease in Illinios, Sarah Schneider, Christine Parker and James Miller.
#4 – Lincoln Land Community College bird banding station report and results by Vernon Kleen; the 2015 Illinois statewide spring bird count by Michael P. Ward and Tara Beveroth

Volume 25 

#1 -in press Effects of added social information  on habitat selection for grassland birds in central Illinois by  John E. Andrews; Concealment of a nest and roosting shelter of the Carolina Wren by Evan S. Brown and Lauren E. Brown;  Sora breeds successfully in Coles County agricultural field by Tyler D. Funk
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