Rare Bird Alert - 15-Apr-2017

Pine Grosbeak by Geoff Williamson

Pine Grosbeak by Geoff Williamson

Anhinga: Massac (South) – On April 15th, Keith Mcmullen reported seeing an ANHINGA over Ft. Massac State Park in Massac County.

Pine Grosbeak: Winnebago (North) – A PINE GROSBEAK was seen at the feeder of Vonnie and Martin Kehoe on April 13th in Rockton, Winnebago County.

Mountain Bluebird: DuPage (North) – A MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD was discovered at Fermilab in DuPage County on April 7th by Jason Frey, flitting around on tree tops, south of AE Sea, between the yellow gate and shrubby area to the west.

Swallow-tailed Kite: Massac (South) – On April 8th, Keith Mcmullen reported seeing a SWALLOW-TAILED KITE just east of Metropolis in Massac County.

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