2013 IOS Grants Program Sets Records!

A record 22 grant requests were received! A record 13 were funded! A record $13,000 was contributed by a record 22 organizations and individuals!

Watch for articles about each of these projects in the IOS quarterly journal, The Meadowlark. Thank you to all the individuals and organizations that made these awards possible.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the 13 grants that were awarded:

# Amount Name/Organization Description
1. $1,000 Ben O’Neal
Franklin College and Ill. Nat. Hist. Survey
Assess the nesting ecology of waterbirds and other marsh birds prior to the drawdown in the Emiquon preserve in spring/summer 2013.
2. $1,000 Amber Wingert
U of I – Champaign
Monitor the Barn Owl nest boxes in Southern Illinois to determine reproductive success, develop a model of nest box site selection and test the effectiveness of conspecific playback as a survey method.
3. $1,000 Kevin Sierzega
Southern Illinois University – Carbondale
Quantify the differences in bird community metrics, e.g., species richness, evenness and diversity during spring migration and in the breeding season across a gradient of oak-hickory and beech-maple dominance forests.
4. $1,000 Scott Chiavacci
U of I – Champaign
Determine factors affecting shrubland bird nest success and causes of nest failure in urban and rural marshlands in 8 test sites in northeastern Illinois and 3 sites in east-central Illinois.
5. $1,000 Antonio Celis Murillo
U of I – Champaign
To foray or not to foray: Extraterritorial behavior in Field Sparrows and its behavioral, morphological and reproductive correlates.
6. $1,000 Maria Stager
U of I – Champaign
Evaluate the effects of day length and temperature on seasonal variation in metabolic performance and correlated differences in underlying gene expression profiles in Dark-eyed Juncos.
7. $1,000 Mark Swanson
Field Museum and Ill. Wesleyan Univ.
Determine the interactions between morphologically similar, but genetically distinct Barred Owls of Illinois and the upper Midwest.
8. $1,000 Henry Pollock
U of I – Champaign
 Investigate thermal tolerances and responses to heat stress in a suite of Illinois birds and compare the data with similar data collected in Panama to determine how birds will respond to climate change
9. $1,000 Justin J. Shew
Southern Illinois University – Carbondale
Funds for year 3 of a 4 year study of the nesting success, species richness, species population, etc. of grassland birds in land set aside in the Conservation Reserve Program(CRP).
10. $1,000 Valerie Buxton
U of I – Champaign
Making the most of what remains: Determining urban grassland quality in Illinois. Assess how grassland patch size and landscape context affect grassland bird occurrence, abundance and nest success. Funds for year 2.
11. $1,000 Douglas R. McClain
Cooperative Wildlife Research Lab – SIU-Carbondale
Year 2 of a study to research the response of breeding wood ducks to differences in productivity within the Cache River watershed. The Cache River watershed has undergone different modifications during its history.
12. $1,000 Sarah Cleeton
U of I – Champaign
Explore the role of migratory songbirds in the spread of Lyme disease invasion (such as Lyme disease) in central Illinois
13. $1,000 Elsa Anderson
DePaul University
Assess Red-headed Woodpecker nest-tree and habitat characteristics and evaluate nesting competition in relation to nest-site success in Cook County
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