2014 IOS Grants Awards

One of IOS’s objectives is “To promote scientific research and education in order to improve knowledge and awareness of birds in Illinois”. The IOS Grants Program was initiated several years ago to support this objective with funds.

The 2014 IOS Grant Program received 14 grant requests. As a result of the generosity of several groups and individuals, 12 applicants were awarded, totaling $9,742. In addition to IOS provided funds, thanks to the following for their generous help:

  • Bob and Karen Fisher and Vicky Sroczynski
  • Pat Durkin
  • Carl and Pen Daubach
  • Southern Illinois Audubon Society
  • The DuPage Birding Club
  • The Lake-Cook Audubon Society
  • Quad Cities Audubon Society
  • Kane County Audubon Society
  • Many IOS Members

Thanks again to Steve Bailey and Jeff Walk for reviewing and rating all the requests and to Bob Fisher who raised much of the funds.

Congratulations to the winners and watch for their project articles in future issues of The Meadowlark.

The following grants were awarded, with information regarding how the funding will be used:

# Amount Name/Organization Description
1. $500 Amber Wingert
U of I – Champaign
Video monitoring of Barn Owl Nests to help estimate factors influencing reproductive success in this declining species.
2. $1,000 Antonio Celis Murillo
U of I – Champaign
Genetics to help elucidate patterns of extra-territorial forays in Field Sparrows; helping to answer “Why cheat on your partner?”
3. $500 Christie Trifone-Simon
Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation
Funds would help defray costs of a 5-day educational day camp, which provides outdoor experiences, many of which are bird oriented.
4. $492 Janice Kelly
U of I – Champaign
Playback experiment to understand if Yellow Warblers use information associated with their two distinct song types during habitat selection.
5. $1,000 John Maddux
U of I – Champaign
Molecular techniques to identify the importance of bumble bees as a food source for North America songbirds. A large collaborative project that attempts to connect the population declines among songbirds and bumble bees.
6. $500 Justin Shew
Southern Illinois University – Carbondale
Hire student technicians to complete analyses on various projects including studying the factors influencing Red-winged Blackbird aggression and Brown-headed Cowbird nest predation.
7. $750 Kattie Morris
DePaul University
Cameras to investigate the competition for cavities Red-headed Woodpeckers experience during the winter and spring within Cook Co., IL.
8. $1,000 Kevin Sierzega
Southern Illinois University – Carbondale
Transportation and arthropod quantification to support ongoing research on the factors that influence migratory songbirds in southern Illinois.
9. $1,000 Maria Stager
U of I – Champaign
Genomic techniques used to understand how birds are physiologically capable to cope with environmental change. Maria is using Dark-eyed Juncos that endure winter conditions as her model species.
10. $1,000 Matthew Craffey
Eastern Illinois State University
Radio-telemetry to study the behaviors of Red-winged Blackbirds using Miscanthus, a potential new agricultural crop in the Midwest. This research will help assess the environmental impact on bird communities in response to a shift in agricultural practices.
11. $1,000 Scott Chiavacci
U of I – Champaign
Camera equipment and other materials to experimentally test for the cues used by nest predators (e.g. odor vs. visual) in central Illinois.
12. $1,000 Ben O’Neal and Heath Hagy
Franklin College and Illinois Natural History Survey
Investigation of the nest success and density of waterbirds in various habitat types at Emiquon in response to changing water levels.
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