2015 IOS Grants Awards

One of IOS’s objectives is “To promote scientific research and education in order to improve knowledge and awareness of birds in Illinois”. The IOS Grants Program was initiated several years ago to support this objective with funding.

The 2015 IOS Grant Program received 10 grant requests. As a result of the generosity of several groups and individuals, 10 grants were awarded. In addition to IOS provided funds, thanks to the following groups and individuals for their generous support:

  • The DuPage Birding Club
  • The Lake-Cook Chapter of the Illinois Audubon Society
  • The Kane County Audubon Society
  • The Chicago Ornithological Society
  • Valyn P. Dall
  • Joan Norek
  • Marj Lundy and Jamie Godshalk
  • Marsha Steffen
  • Glenn Gabanski
  • Donald Dann
  • John C. and Carolyn Baker
  • Carl and Pen DauBach
  • Karen and Bob Fisher
  • Vickie Sroczynski and John Burke
  • Jeffrey Smith
  • John Heneghan
  • Jill Anderson
  • Urs Geiser
  • Steve Fluett
  • Marcia and Bob Shelby
  • Charles Wescott
  • Ted Wolff

Thanks to Jeff Walk and Steve Bailey for reviewing and rating all the requests.

Congratulations to the winners and watch for their project articles in future issues of The Meadowlark.

The following grants were awarded:

# Amount Name/Organization Description
1. $1,000 Alexander Winter
Eastern Illinois University
Study the ecological and behavioral implications of Brown-headed Cowbird parasitism on Northern Cardinals. Sponsored by Illinois Ornithological Society.
2. $980 Bryan Reiley
U of I – Champaign
Study the benefits of restored habitats for declining shrubland birds – Specifically Bell’s Vireo and Willow Flycatcher. Sponsored by Karen and Bob Fisher, Vicky Sroczynski and John Burke.
3. $1,000 Ben O’Neal and Heath Hagy
Franklin College. Illinois Natural History Survey
Determine nest success, nest density, and nesting characteristics of marsh birds and other waterbirds at Emiquon Preserve to determine if reconnection to the Illinois River affects these parameters in the future. Sponsored by the Lake-Cook Chapter of the Illinois Audubon Society.
4. $1,000 Phred Benham
U of I – Champaign
Study local adaptation to spatially varying environments in widespread species to improve our understanding of how populations might respond to future climate change. Study will use Savannah Sparrow populations. Sponsored by the DuPage Birding Club.
5. $1,000 Brett Dorak
U of I – Champaign / Illinois Natural History Survey
Study Canada Geese wintering in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area. Describe their home ranges, time budgets, roost selection, response to harassment, and movements that may pose a threat to human health and safety.
6. $1,000 Todd M. Jones
U of I – Champaign
Evaluate possible associations between fledgling traits and survival in the Dickcissel with an automated telemetry system. Sponsored by the DuPage Birding Club.
7. $1,000 Josh Engel A bird monitoring pilot project will be undertaken during the 2015 growing season with the goal of developing an effective bird monitoring protocol for the Montrose Beach Dunes (MBD) site. Sponsored by Illinois Ornithological Society
8. $1,000 Tim Lyons
U of I – Champaign
Genetic consequences of habitat fragmentation on ring-necked pheasants at the Sibley Pheasant Habitat Area.
9. $1,000 John R. O’Connell
Southern Illinois University – Center for Ecology – Cooperative Wildlife Research Lab
A remote sensing approach to identifying wetland availability for waterfowl, shorebirds and secretive marsh birds in Illinois using satellite radar imaging. Sponsored by the DuPage Birding Club.
10. $480 Emilie A. Ospina
U of I – Champaign
Investigate the effects of predation on nest attentiveness as well as the effects of incubation temperature on immune system response and stress response in American Robin nestlings.
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