2016 Listers Corner

The 2016 Listers Corner is now up and available for viewing! From Yard Lists to Big Days, there’s something for every birder.

Highlights, you ask? Here are a few to whet your appetite:

  • First, the 400 Club has expanded from one birder to three, as both David Johnson and Joel Greenberg attained the magic number of species seen in the state.
  • Andy Sigler continues to rack up “closed-out” species; that is, species seen in every one of Illinois’ 102 counties!
  • Big Years continue to be in the news, with a record-tying nine birders identifying 310 or more species during 2016.
  • Local birding continues to soar in popularity, with a number of records set in the County Lists categories.

Special thanks go out to the Listers Corner Committee, who compiled all the information: Joe Lill (Chair), Mike Madsen, and Jim Mountjoy.

We’re already looking forward to seeing what transpires in 2017!

Go to 2016 Listers Corner.

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